The Team

We are Truly Amped Studios, a young innovative team based in New York City with a strong knack for developing beautiful, modern, and professional designs. We are well versed in web design, photography, video, and even CGI. In a rapidly changing digital landscape, we are constantly developing new skills to stay ahead of the game.

Truly Amped has always built their consumer base around great connections with clients and producing top quality work. Our talent and unique style is what separates us from any other team out there. We are always keeping an eye out for the newest trends and taking full advantage of it to give the customer the best.

Teo Almonte

He has a passion for all things creative: video, design, cgi, and just about anything that will look awesome. His creative inspiration and experience comes from his devotion to his work. Engaging with many forms of design, he has a unique way of integrating it all into his awesome creations.

Leo Gonzalez

A design guru at heart, Leo has an eye for putting together striking compositions. His unique and clever use of color, form, and type makes all of his work stand out. Design has always been part of his life and mission. His ambition and positive attitude is what keeps him going.